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        Careers at Unilever


        At Unilever you are more than your job title, you are part of the world’s most successful, purpose-led business. Work with brands that are well-loved around the world, that improve the lives of our consumers and the communities around us. We produce world-leading brands including Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Axe, Hellmann’s and Omo, alongside trusted local names and innovative-forward thinking brands like Ben & Jerry’s, The Dollar Shave Club and Surf.

        Work alongside brilliant and inspiring business leaders and colleagues. If you want to feel proud of what you do and make others proud too, join us. Get a glimpse into life at Unilever and discover how you can help make a better business, a better world and a better you.

        Find jobs at Unilever

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        Find the perfect position at Unilever to match your experience. Click here for local and global job search.

        Our teams

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        Unilever is the place where you can bring your purpose to life with the work that you do – creating a better business and a better world. You will work on brands that are loved and improve the lives of our consumers and the communities around us.

        Why work for Unilever?

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        Be part of the most successful purpose-led business in the world. Have the opportunity to see the true impact that you’re having in the work you do - every small thing counts.

        Graduates & students

        Young people at Unilever

        To create the best future for our business and our planet, we need innovative thinking and real vision on our side – and that is why we need the brightest graduate talent on our internships and training programmes.

        Careers help

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        From internships to senior executive positions, we do everything we can at Unilever to make sure we attract, support and develop the best talent. Explore our FAQs here.


        See more careers

        Unilever on Linkedin

        Connect on LinkedIn

        Create a better world – together.

        Working for Unilever is just one way you can help build a more sustainable future for everyone. There are many more. Want to join us?

        Discover more

        Recruitment fraud warning

        There have recently been a number of recruitment frauds operating in different parts of the world where individuals are contacting job seekers claiming to represent Unilever, offering them roles and then inevitably asking for payments to cover a range of expenses and administration costs.

        Unilever - or organisations acting on our behalf – will never ask for payment at any stage in the recruitment process.

        This is a long-established, sophisticated fraud used by criminal gangs which has impacted job seekers looking for roles many reputable organisations.

        These communications are fraudulent and do NOT originate from Unilever or Unilever’s recruitment partners.

        To avoid falling victim to recruitment fraud:

        • Do not to respond to unsolicited offers from people you are unfamiliar with
        • Do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone you do not know
        • Check any documents for poor grammar and spelling as this is often a warning sign of fraud
        • Beware of employers or agents using webmail email addresses such as @Yahoo or @Hotmail
        • Hover over email addresses to check the sender’s details
        • If you are asked for payment of any kind from a recruiter, contact your local police department as this is very likely to be fraud.
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