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        With over 400 brands in over 100 countries around the world, there’s no limit to your global career prospects at Unilever. Browse our opportunities below to see where you could join us.

        Unilever Future Leaders Programme

        Group of people eating ice cream at Unilever offices

        We are shaping a new generation of leaders to build a bright future. On the Future Leaders Programme, our graduates can gain hands-on-experience in project leadership, with the opportunity to learn from the best at the world’s leading consumer goods company.

        Careers help

        Back of Unilever shirt that says "I am a spark"

        At Unilever, we pride ourselves on supporting great talent, and we do that in the application process too.

        Unilever business functions

        Find out what it is like to work in any of the ten business functions in Unilever

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        We're always looking to connect with those who share an interest in a sustainable future.

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