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        Our approach to reporting

        We are committed to communicating our performance regularly and transparently and have been reporting on our sustainability performance since 1996.

        We have two main channels for reporting on the commitments set out in the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan as well as wider topics of interest to our stakeholders:

        • Annual Report and Accounts 2018: We include a summary of our sustainable living performance in our Annual Report and Accounts 2018 (PDF | 4MB) published in March 2019
        • Online Sustainable Living Report 2018: Located in the Sustainable Living section of the global Unilever website, this is our primary sustainability report. The report was published in April 2019.

        About our reporting

        Scientists in lab

        We are committed to reporting a transparent account of our progress each year.

        Defining our material issues

        Workers in a factory

        Materiality helps us identify and prioritise the issues that matter most across our value chain – to our business and our stakeholders.

        Engaging our stakeholders

        Engaging with stakeholders event

        Engaging with stakeholders improves our decision-making and relationships.

        Independent assurance & our metrics

        Man with clipboard checking tomato crops

        PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) provides independent assurance of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

        UNGC index

        Women working in a lab

        We are committed to UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles.

        CDP Index

        CDP list 2018

        We use CDP to communicate how we measure and manage key environmental issues around climate change, water stress and deforestation.

        GRI index

        Man and woman at a meeting with ipads

        Our reporting is prepared ‘in accordance’ with the GRI G4 Reporting Guidelines.

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