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        Our strategy for sustainable growth

        Unilever has been a purpose-driven company from its origins. Today, our purpose is simple but clear – to make sustainable living commonplace.

        We are living in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world. Temperatures are rising, droughts are more frequent, food supplies are increasingly scarce, the gap between rich and poor is growing and billions still do not have access to basic hygiene and sanitation. These challenges are compounded as the global population continues to expand.

        Every day, 2.5 billion people use our products. We see first-hand how people the world over are already affected by these changes which pose new challenges for us: fluctuating commodity prices, unstable markets and a shortage of sustainable raw materials. Business as usual is no longer an option.

        With change though, comes opportunity. The Business & Sustainable Development Commission, co-founded by Unilever, concluded that successful delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which seek to tackle 17 of world’s most urgent challenges – will create market opportunities of at least $12 trillion a year.

        Businesses that thrive in the future will be those that serve society today. That’s why, in 2010, we launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan – our blueprint for sustainable growth. The Plan is helping us to drive more profitable growth for our brands, save costs, mitigate risk and build trust among our stakeholders.

        We know that the biggest challenges facing the world cannot be addressed by one company alone. So we’re also working to help transform the system in which business is done. By being part of the solution to challenges, businesses have the opportunity to win the trust of consumers while helping create societies and economies in which they can grow and succeed.

        About our strategy

        Woman collecting water from a Sunlight water centre

        We believe that sustainable and equitable growth for the benefit of all stakeholders is the only acceptable business model.

        UN Sustainable Development Goals

        The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

        We are realising the business opportunity from the Sustainable Development Goals.

        Embedding sustainability

        Farmers growing sustainable tomatoes for Knorr

        We are growing our business by integrating sustainability into our strategy, inspiring our people and building purpose-led brands.

        Our sustainability governance

        People writing in a meeting

        We have strong governance structures to help us deliver our Plan and realise the benefits for our business.

        Awards & recognition

        Woman getting advice on a TRESemmé's product

        We participate in a number of corporate sustainability ratings and rankings.

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